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Formula 8000 is formulated for moist, acidic, and saline environments.

Locking spray approved by Stanley Lock. 

The product works very well as storage / shipping protection of machines, tools etc.



Rust protection for the toughest conditions. Dissolves and neutralizes corrosion. Penetrates deeply, and lubricates. Leaves a clean and clear "non-sticky" lubricating film. Stops electrolysis between different metals, and controls galvanic corrosion. Repel  salt water and moisture. Can not be washed off with water. For long-term protection.


Stanley Lock Lubrication Procedure: 


Spray a little Formula 8000 in both shackle holes every 6 months. 

The shackle can be in the locked or unlocked position. 

It is not necessary to disassemble the padlock to lubricate it.


Note: Lubricate more often if the padlock is used frequently or in a corrosive environment.

2X180GR Formula 8000 Industrial Lubricant

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