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Rustproofing with Corrosion Free Formula 3000

With over 400 CarCare dealers in the United States and Canada, Corrosion Free has become one of the largest players in vehicle underbody treatment. And it was with a focus on rust protection of vehicles that Corrosion Free started to specialize almost 40 years ago.


Formula 3000 is the name of the product that has revolutionized chassis treatment as we know it.

Formula 3000 stops rust, is drip-free, and leaves a clean and clear oil film with an enormous penetration ability and good adhesion. It is odorless and also has an odor-removing property.

In addition to having a superior ability to combat rust development, it is also environmentally friendly!

The product is based on pure mineral oil, is of the "food grade" type and contains no solvents. This means that the product is also gentle on plastic and vinyl.

Yes the benefits are many with Formula 3000.

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Corrosion on vehicles is a known issue. Especially in the Nordic countries, it presents major challenges due to large temperature changes, and substances such as salt is added to prevent slippery roads.


Corrosion Free Formula 3000 is the product designed to give us an opportunity to fight corrosion. The Canadian Armed Forces tested the product to be the best in, among other things, the genre "rust inhibitor", when they rated products for their vehicle fleet. Superior victory also showed it under the category "Green" (environmentally friendly).

"In a benign environment, the CPCs tested, performed equally well. In more severe environments, the choice of CPC is important. Of the CPCs tested, Corrosion Free, Formula 3000 showed the most corrosion inhibition."

"When considering a program, the ability of a product to inhibit corrosion is only one part. Other considerations include environmental impact (ie, is the CPC a" green "product; does it contain solvent / high VOCs) and how much manpower will be needed for application of the CPC. "

In the "green" test, Formula 3000 wins with a success rate of 83%. Other products came out as bad as 28% in the same test.

In the CPC (Corrosion Preventive Compounds) test, we find WD-40, RustCheck, Boeshiel T-9, Corrosion Block, Krown T-40, ACF-50 and LPS-2.

Corrosion Free's Formula 3000 is ready and will not solidify. This means that you will be able to have full control of corrosion. It will not encapsulate an event. rust damage, or allow rust to develop in hiding.
The product is based on food-grade oil, and has an enormous penetration ability, while it does not drip. The product that was christened by "the vernacular" to get the name RUST CURE fits its kind word Creeps without the drips.

Think environment and economy .., preserve your car with Corrosion Free !!

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